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August 6, 2007

To My Friend Dr. Michael Moskal,

I cannot say thanks enough for the "miracle" you performed on my left arm. My arm was severely broken and shattered on March 31st in a fall. I was referred to you on the following Monday. When we first met you said you would try to repair it, but if that didn't work I would need an elbow replacement. That would definitely limit my use of the arm.

On the 10th of April my surgery was scheduled. You and your team did the surgery and when checking the movement of my arm immediately after the surgery it all came apart. Instead of going to the replacement elbow my family and I think any other surgeon would have done, you and the team dug in and started all over! For me and my family that showed "determination and dedication" to your profession. And it worked!

In the days and weeks that followed you showed humor, kindness, and great support! Your therapists particularly Whitney Ocshner and staff have given me more use of my arm than I ever expected!

For this I will ever be grateful to all of you!

Marlene Kiesler

See PDF Version Here Marlene Kiesler Testimonial